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Trial Advocacy Board

The Trial Advocacy Board members write and supervise the mock trial problem for the Advocacy II course. Second-year students are selected for membership on the Board by a writing competition conducted in the fall. Board members write facts for a mock case problem which students in the Advocacy II course litigate from initial client interviews through jury trial.

A student may earn one credit in the spring of their second year and one credit in the fall of their third year for membership on the Trial Advocacy Board.

President (Carlisle): Bradon Toomey
President (University Park): Benjamin Ferrell
Vice President of Judges (Carlisle): Tiffany LoBello
Vice President of Judges (University Park):

Christian Brito

Vice President of Jurors (Carlisle): Dominique Walker
Vice President of Jurors (University Park): Bryan Vannini
Faculty Advisor: Professor Gary Gildin


Trial Advocacy Board Meeting — November 16, 2012