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SBA Committee List

Please feel free to contact the chair of the appropriate committee if you have any concerns that you would like discussed at an SBA meeting.

* Connotes that the Committee is Mandated by the SBA Constitution

Jeff Smith
Emily Ward

Admissions *
Gabriella Grosso
Evelyn Miller

Alumni Relations *
Dave Green
Marta Rifin

Budget *
Guy Bowe
Garrett Lent
Marcy McLaughlin
Meg Rooney

Career Planning & Development
David Bender

Community Relations *
Susanna Bagdasarova
Katie Hagen
Emily McLaughlin
CJ Restemayer

Diversity *
Hamilton Martin 


Liliana Garcia
Emily Ward
Ali Wykis

Honor Code *
Erin Hayes

Inter-School Relations
Andrew Fillmore   

Intramural Sports *
Johnny Vega

Mock Trial *
Nicole Jensen
Kyle Peasley 
Steve Scirocco 

Orientation *
Meghan Carey
Dale Crawford 

Race Judicata
Jess Parisi
Stephanie Sweeney 

Social *
Doyin Aribo
Maria Carnicella
Gabby Giombetti
Liz Gula
Kelsey Kobil
Jacqueline Schweichler
Vicki Thorsen
Nailah Williams

Speaker's Trust *
Jared Smith, President 
Kelly Walsh, Vice President
Matt Castello, Secretary
Katie Devanney
Jared Kephart
Elizabeth Milford
Emily Ward

Student/Faculty Relations

Student Mental Health
Steve Daly

Technology *
Seth Kandl 

Transition Committee
Liliana Garcia
Kelsey Swaim