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Student Animal Legal Defense Fund

Mission Statement

We are an enthusiastic official student chapter of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, a national organization composed of more than 700 attorneys who act as legal advocates that strive to improve the lives and interests of animals across the country.

Our Penn State Law chapter will focus primarily on educating the law student populous about animal legal issues. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

2014-15 Officers
President (CA): Doug Vanston
President (UP): Vienna Vasquez
Vice President: Edward Phillips
Secretary/Treasurer: Morgan Hanes

Major Activities

  • National Justice for Animals Week – March 17-21, 2014
  • Stay abreast of national animal rights and animal welfare issues
  • Fight for tougher legislation for the prevention and punishment of animal abuse
  • Contribute however possible to the legal response against animal abuse 
  • Regular fundraising for local animal shelters and nonprofit organizations

Important Links to National Organizations