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Burr Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta (Carlisle)

Phi Alpha Delta membership gives you more than just an impressive line on your resume. Phi Alpha Delta provides additional support for its members through professional, academic, and social programming. Professional networking events, including Judges Night and Professionals Night, are among our most popular and rewarding traditional events. Members have exclusive access to academic support including the “How to Get an A” series, where participants benefit from the knowledge of upperclassmen who earned an A in core classes. Additionally, members may review a database of course outlines donated by other members and alumni. Social events and the Phi Alpha Delta mentoring program help to connect students with each other and place particular focus on helping 1Ls to find their footing and get involved in the community.

Phi Alpha Delta membership also provides support beyond law school. Membership can help you get a foot in the door with Phi Alpha Delta alumni who have established themselves in the legal community as you are seeking summer employment and a permanent position beyond law school. Members are entitled to a number of discounts, including insurance, bar prep, and text book services. A complete list is available on the international website. Throughout your career, even after graduation, Phi Alpha Delta will support you with its alumni network and an array of services.

For more information about joining the Burr Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta, contact one of the officers listed below. Our friendly officers are also frequently available around the law school. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and to help you become a member of our chapter.



Justice: Erik Neiman
Vice-Justice: Doug Vanston
Clerk: Kelly Walsh
Treasurer: Adam Martin
Marshall: Brian Brodeur


Governing Document
P.A.D. Burr Chapter Bylaws