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  • Muslim Law Society with Caroline Sheldon

Muslim Legal Society

Who Are We:

First, and perhaps most obviously, the Muslim Legal Society intends to provide our Muslim students, as well as allies, with an opportunity to meet one another. Also, MLS aims to bring important issues affecting Muslim communities today to the Dickinson School of Law community, and even the university at large. There are many complex issues Muslim communities face today. Yet these issues, like most, are overlapping and have more overarching implications in our society as a whole.

 Not only is social justice one of the primary tenants in Islam, but issues of social justice are numerous and not strictly limited to issues affecting Muslim communities. With this in mind, we hope MLS will be able to collaborate with and support other student organizations in order to promote solidarity.

2014-15 Officers
President: Amina Dzano  
Vice President: Amro Elansari   
Treasurer: Okan Yardimci  
Secretary: Inan Uluc