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One School, Two Campuses

In academic year 2014-15, Penn State Law will operate as a unified, two-campus law school for current upper level students and first year students entering in August 2014. Beginning with students admitted in fall 2015, the two campuses will operate as separate law schools. The information on this page refers to the unified Penn State Law program. Information for 2015 applicants is available here.

Students can choose to attend Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law at either the University Park or the Carlisle campus. Both campuses offer an identical first-year curriculum taught entirely in person by several of the faculty's top classroom teachers and scholars. During the second and third years, students may elect to change campuses in order to access a class, clinic, or joint degree opportunity available only at one campus or the other, or students may remain at their initial campus throughout their three years and access rich upper-level curriculum and clinics through the variety of entirely in-person classes and clinics and remote-access audiovisual (AV) classes offered at each location.

Both campuses offer a wide-range of clinical, externship, and joint-degree opportunities. The campuses have new LEED-certified buildings with state-of-the-art classrooms, courtrooms, and libraries. They are connected to each other and the world via the most advanced, high definition, digital audiovisual telecommunications systems available. 

Admissions standards are the same at both locations

Students are admitted to Penn State Law regardless of campus choice and admissions standards are identical for both campuses. A law diploma from Penn State Law reads: Pennsylvania State University, The Dickinson School of Law; no location is specified on a diploma. The faculty, staff, and student body operate on a unified basis.